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LAI Video Takes ALA To the Movies

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After two years of largely virtual events, we were thrilled to once again partner with our sister company LAI Live to put on a fully in-person awards celebration. With many of the association worlds brightest stars in attendance, and with the stunningly renovated Grand Salon of the Renwick Gallery as our backdrop, the LAI Video team knew there was only one way to live up to the glamour the night demanded. 

Think flashing lights…

Think red carpet

Think Bond…James Bond…

Thats right, we needed to bring the hills of Hollywood to the heart of DC!


Working closely with our event partners, the LAI Video team let our creativity run wild as we crafted three mock movie trailers to highlight the achievements of each one of our distinguished honorees. Lobbyist of the Year Jennifer Hatcher averts a supply chain crisis while getting her steps in. Professional Society CEO of the Year Patricia Blake champions association diversity while serenading an alpine meadow. And lastly, Trade Association CEO of the Year Steve Caldeira advances bipartisan legislation over a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred).

Our videos struck the perfect chord between lighthearted irreverence and genuine awe at each recipients ability to impact the world through their leadership.

Movie Poster of Jennifer Hatcher in a Grocery Store James Bond Themed Movie Poster of Steve Caldeira Movie Poster of Patricia Blake on a Road in a Field

With our near decade-long partnership with CEO Update proudly in mind, it was important to us to pay homage to some of the past award winners from ALA’s history. The LAI Video team produced a series of full-sized mock movie posters featuring previous recipients dropped into some of our favorite films, from Goodfellas to The Breakfast Club and more.

Back to The Future Mock Poster with Past ALA WinnersBreakfast Club Mock Poster with Past ALA WinnersGoodFellas Poster with Past ALA Winners

All of which came together in a banner evening of food and drinks, glitz and glamour, toasts and awards, even a Marilyn Monroe sighting – all of it executed flawlessly by the dedicated events team at LAI Live.

We were delighted to see the impact that our work made both on our honorees and the wider association world. The overwhelmingly positive response to ALA speaks to the importance of occasionally stopping for a moment, looking up, and acknowledging the tireless effort, goodwill, and humility of those around you.

And maybe sharing a few laughs in the process.



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