Portfolio: "Adding Life to Years®" Commercials | LAI Video

Adding Life to Years®” Commercials

We had the privilege to partner with MedStar NRH on identity videos that reintroduced the nationally-acclaimed rehabilitation network under the MedStar brand. Putting the talented staff and state-of-the-art facilities front and center, the videos serve as the definitive calling card for families in the mid-Atlantic region looking for quality patient care, as well as top physicians looking to join the NRH community.

Rehabilitating an Identity

From treating neural-based trauma to sports medicine, MedStar NRH has grown to service the entire spectrum of rehabilitation needs. The network is as massive as it is intimate, and we knew that we wanted to show off as many individual facilities while creating a sense of welcoming and warmth. Alexandria coordinated a multi-location shoot that took the crew to NRHs flagship site and other out-patient facilities. Favata, Jun, and Donovan supplemented natural light with soothing, cinematic b-roll. Everything from the demeanor of the staffs delivery to the constant, slow slider movement of the camera evoked a sense of calm — an invitation for prospective patients to feel comfortable placing their health in NRHs very capable hands.

Poised for More

Made in parallel with the overview video, we also produce a second, shorter commercial that boasts MedStar NRH’s many accolades. From being ranked as one of the best hospitals in the nation(!) to listing the specific rehabilitation services that NRH provides, we opted for a glossier trailer-style format that pitches the hospital’s bonafides with bold visuals, perfect for TV spots and online ads. Justin wrote the script with Anthony carefully weaving in text layers throughout carefully composed b-roll footage. MedStar NRH uses the pair of videos in tandem, aiming to direct people to the website with the commercial before giving viewers a behind-the-scenes tour with the overview video.