Portfolio: No Kid Hungry "Rebuilding" PSA| LAI Video

“Rebuilding” PSA

We partnered with No Kid Hungry for their signature fall PSA message, “Rebuilding.” While we are proud of our history with the storied non-profit, the stakes could not have been greater as we approached the 2021 marketing initiative. Using animation, typography, and localized scripting, we produced English and Spanish language commercials that highlight how feeding children remains a crucial component of the pandemics recovery.

Building Our Concept

Melinda, Alexandria, and Favata – the teams creative trust – recognized that our strategy would require a careful balancing act. While we saw childhood hunger skyrocket during the pandemic, we also saw many people come together to rebuild the programs and resources interrupted by school closures. Opting for a versatile approach, we settled on animation that could strike a serious and celebratory tone — to juxtapose a bleak past and bright future.

Shaping the Animation

As scriptwriter, Justin used deft metaphors and bold statistics to present the challenges of “yesterday.” With a sharp pivot, the tone abruptly pivots to the opportunities of today.” Rob, serving as art director, constructed a world of visual dichotomies, displaying scenes of dated infrastructure, before blasting the viewer with vibrant colors and free-moving shapes. And throughout the commercial, bold kinetic text make the message plain to viewers: rebuilding a better tomorrow starts with getting children the food they need.

Reaching Spanish-Speaking Audiences

In addition to launching the ad in English, we partnered with a bilingual producer to tailor the commercial for Spanish-speaking viewers. Moving beyond basic Spanish subtitles, we re-animated the commercial itself to give Spanish-speaking viewers an equally immersive experience. Complete with a Spanish-speaking narrator, the localized ad allowed No Kid Hungry to invite another critical audience to join its cause.