Portfolio: "Legacy of Services" TV Spots Dwyer Plumbing | LAI Video

“Legacy of Services” TV Spots

LAI Video partnered with Dwyer Plumbing to create four 30-second TV ads to help the historic service provider roll out its new brand identity. Using a blend of scripted and interview-based messaging, these short and sweet videos provide Dwyer with a stylish, evergreen mini-campaign to connect them with consumers in their target market over the long haul.

Not Your Grandfather's Local Ad

As a family-owned-and-operated business serving the northern Virginia region for more than 60 years, Dwyer came to LAI Video searching for a video campaign every bit as polished and professional as their technicians. As we got to know their goals and the reputation for excellence that comes with the Dwyer name, we pitched content that would let their reputation speak for itself. Featuring testimonials from customers and staff, we showcased the business as a trusted member of the community. Shot on location in the greater Alexandria region, LAI Video delivered a thoughtful and polished video series that stands head and shoulders above the typical local TV spot.

Come Prepared for Everything

Much like the impressive collection of tools that Dwyer technicians bring to every job, LAI Video made sure we developed a comprehensive plan to bring Dwyer's vision to life. And while only one video utilizes scripted narration and a professional voice artist, having a fully realized script in hand for each video was vital to the project's success. Justin scripted the ideal response for the interview-driven videos, providing an invaluable filming resource to ensure that we hit our targets for messaging and timing. For producer Victoria, the scripts also provided a framework she could use to help our non-professional onscreen talent shape their responses confidently. The results: short and impactful soundbites that guide the arc of each video.

The Hometown Advantage

Local, relatable, reliable. Dwyer's new brand identity places a strong connection on place and personal touch. Shooting exclusively in the communities they serve, we set out to capture the Dwyer brand in its natural habitat of greater Alexandria, VA. Featuring exteriors shot at the home of a Dwyer residential customer and a sequence captured at historic Mount Vernon – a longtime Dwyer customer – director Favata and his crew went above and beyond to get dynamic b-roll that reflects the deep connections Dwyer has built in the community.

A New Chapter for a Trusted Brand

For many Northern Virginian businesses and homeowners, Dwyer's reputation proceeds them. For everyone else, these short, thoughtfully crafted TV ads will attach a story to the vibrant red and green service vans they're likely to see throughout the region. Framed by the legacy of customer service that has allowed Dwyer Plumbing, Heating, and Air to stand the test of time, we're confident these commercials will remain a valuable tool in Dwyer's marketing strategy for years to come.