Portfolio: "I Dream" TV Spot | LAI Video

"I Dream" TV Spot

We're proud to have partnered with United Way of the National Capitol Area, not once, but twice, to capture the attention of everyday do-gooders who want to do even more good for the DC region. We pitched and produced 30-second spots to help stir up support for the Do More 24 crowdfunding campaign.  

PSA: The Musical

Doing good makes you feel good. So we pitched a simple music video concept that would capture the warm and fuzzies that you get whenever you help out, lend a hand, do the right thing, etc.

With the exception of some kinetic typography, we let the charisma of the talented Tattina Ageel do the rest. Favata directed the singer on the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, with Jun as Director of Cinematography and Tori coordinating all logistics and vendors. The result is a gently inspiring and wildly-addictive call to action. It's a PSA that celebrates the local community and the amazing impact that a little generosity can have in our neighborhoods and hearts.  

Put A Face(s) On Your Cause

The following year, we decided focuse on the faces of the Do More 24 campaign. So we pitched "I Dream," based on the premise that no matter which cause you choose to donate to, it all supports the same dream — a fitter, happier, and more empowered DC. 

Working with real people and real animals to build our message, Ellyn was ready to give some solid direction on site. To keep our talent comfortable and their delivery natural, Justin crafted a simple script that left room for improvisation. Tiffany's bright brand-appropriate design scheme echoed the previous year's commercial.

Don't Change That Channel!

Both "Giving More" and "I Dream" aired on local TV stations, as well as played online and at live events leading up to the 24-hour giving period. We devised full-length, 30-second and 15-second variations of the videos to best suit a variety of social channels. The Do More 24 campaign saw more than $1.4 millon funneled into area nonprofits, helping more than a few dreams come true.