Portfolio: NAIOP "Insights" Series | LAI Video

Insights Series

We created this trio of fun and informative mixed-media videos for our longtime partners at NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. Blending quirky animation and polished interviews, these snappy explainers utilize NAIOP's own members to provide viewers a look behind the façade of the industry through insights into property trends and technologies reshaping the commercial real estate world.

More Than Just Curb Appeal

When NAIOP came to us to create the next installation of their expert insights video series, we proposed a major creative refresh. Not only to ensure their video content reflected the latest design trends, but also to provide their onscreen advocates with a platform built to reinforce their role as subject matter experts in commercial real estate. Playing to an audience that can spot a cheap facelift from a mile away, we set out to strengthen their content from the foundation. Taking cues from the trendsetters at Vox, James Favata developed a playful mixed-media design language for the series that is fresh, engaging, and highly customizable. For the sit-down interviews, we set out to achieve a cinematic look that stills feels candid and relatable.

Interviews that Elevate the Experts

Industry events are great places to connect with experts who are already gathered in one place. But for this project, we wanted to avoid shooting anything that might tip-off viewers that the series was recorded at an event. So rather than shooting in the small room set aside for us at the venue, our team quickly secured permission to set up in an alternate location where a beautiful wall of glass and the skyline would frame our subjects. The result is a dynamic and engaging backdrop that also centers each interviewee, literally, inside a commercial property. Using the EyeDirect camera system, we shot to connect our target audience of CRE professionals with their onscreen peers. Subtle color grading helps our interviewees stand out in the frame while creating a distinctly cinematic look. The final effect doesn't just look good - each creative choice reinforces the expertise and authority of NAIOP's onscreen member-advocates.

A strong animated foundation

Contained within Favata's original style frame is the basic recipe for an endlessly versatile mixed-media style. You might even say it's the concrete of animated explainer videos: infinitely malleable, efficient, and in the hands of our talented team, extraordinarily impactful. Once we had finalized content edits of each interview, Tiffany created full storyboards to provide NAIOP the opportunity to share feedback on the design of each animated sequence. While each video in the series utilizes the same blend of duotone images, organic textures, and vector graphics, a distinct color palette helps distinguish each video and expert. Then, animator Anthony stirred all the details together and brought the design to life. From the looping animated textures, the subtle motion design that layers together images and text, and transitions that move viewers effortlessly between the interviewees and animation, every detail works together. And effortless and in command of the details is precisely how you want to frame your experts and your brand in an animated explainer.