Portfolio: Intro To Franchising | LAI Video

Intro to Franchising

In our first collaboration with the International Franchise Association, we produced an animated video that answers the burning questions, "What is a franchise?" "How is it different from a chain?" "Who is Dave?"

Franchising 101

As the ultimate resource for everything-franchise, IFA needed the definitive definition for  the business model itself. But before we could write the fun, explainer video, we had to get smart on the details. Immersing herself in IFA's supporting collateral, Tiffany drafted a script that speaks to franchises from both the perspective of the franchisee and franchisor. The end result is something that dives a little deeper than the basic the Franchising 101 course. Covering topics like multi-unit franchising and pre-sale disclosure requirements, it's Franchising 201. 

Animating a Hypothetical Business

Animation is a wonderful tool to help explain concepts in a vacuum. It also allows for some unique advantages in avoiding brand bias -- we were able to create a completely hypothetical scenario that wasn't McDonald's or Subway. It was Dave's. And Dave was looking for a unique business opportunity. Also at the helm of design and motionography, Tiffany single-handedly built a world that was completely customized IFA's viewers. A world that presented business options out of the ether. A world where massive magnifine glasses could shine light onto a situation as easily as lightning bolts could wreak havoc. The end result is a totally not-boring explainer vid that exists for anyone googling about franchises.