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Where Are They Now? Scholarship Follow-Up Videos.

LAI Video has been thrilled to help shape retail’s future alongside the National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the Foundation provide opportunities and scholarships to students pursuing a career in retail—to literally capture those "OMG" moments as these young people receive life-changing news.

This year, we were excited to follow up on two of those stories, catching up with previous NRF Foundation scholarship recipients and to answer the question, “Where are they now?”.

What Happens After Winning an NRF Scholarship?

Over the last five years, we’ve interviewed dozens of articulate, ambitious students looking to show their mettle. Through spotlight and compilation videos, we’ve featured finalists up for some big scholarships, confessing their love for retail and sharing their dreams for a career in the changing industry.

While these videos continue to describe specific initiatives and illustrate the Foundation’s reach with universities, Helena and Tori proposed going further. Working with the Foundation, we selected Evan Chisholm and Kaley Suero to see what exactly happens after winning an NRF scholarship.

Seriously, Where Are They?

Since receiving the Ray Greenly scholarship in 2014, Evan landed an impressive merchant role at Nike’s headquarters. While Kaley won the coveted Next Generation scholarship in 2017, it was networking through the Foundation’s Executive Mentor programs that connected her with a marketing job at Nordstrom. Sarah, Jun and De’von caught up with Evan and Kaley about their unique paths while visually showing a typical day for the young professionals.

At Nike, we juxtaposed Evan’s work and work out routines as he’s fully embraced Nike’s casual and creative culture. Kaley confidently moves through Nordstrom’s corporate and retail spaces, offering a different type of professional backdrop to viewers considering a variety of professional outlets in retail.

"Where Are They Now" Video Series

With a strong beat and a lot of heart, Jun cut together both installments of the new “Where are They Now?” series. Each video references the archival footage from the original scholarship videos, showing breathtaking transformations from starry-eyed students to established retail executives. Both participants can be seen telling their remarkable stories to peers and mentees, passing forward thoughtful expertise and unbridled enthusiasm for an industry seeking new leaders. The pair of videos reinforces the NRF Foundation’s commitment to the future, serving as a powerful fundraising tool, inspiration to a new generation and an example of what’s possible with a long-term storytelling approach to video marketing.


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