DocuSign for Government Marketing Campaign | LAI Video

DocuSign for Government

DocuSign is one of the most widely utilized business tools in the world, allowing users to manage documents easily and securely via computer, phone, or tablet. They came to LAI Video for help selling their product to a new market where forms and contracts are a way of life: the public sector. Our task was to create three videos to share with potential government customers, each touting a different way DocuSign will make their lives easier.

Taking Stock in the Right Visuals

With their ease-of-business promise, DocuSign knew they wanted to feature real people using their tech, and our team identified a stock footage solution. A quality stock library offers a wide variety of options, but finding clips that authentically represent a targeted user base can be challenging. Some clips are too glossy, some are too cheesy, and many dont offer any real diversity with respect to race or age. For this project, LAI Video carefully combed through and selected the right footage – not just the first or second clip that appeared when we searched person using tablet on a bus.” The result? Three cost-effective, quick-hit marketing videos that reinforce DocuSign’s value propositions while presenting a fresh take on a familiar and proven brand design.

Simple by Design

Our partners at DocuSign brought their established brand guidelines to this series, even offering specific direction on how to animate signatures or shape a text message bubble. If your company has established branding and is working with a video agency for the first time, its important to share this information early in our collaboration and include brand stakeholders for first draft sign-off. Once our motionographers could imitate the DocuSign house-style, we focused on how these composite elements blended with the live-action sequences, create a series of ads as seamless as the products themselves.