Amazon Recruitment and Employee Spotlight | LAI Video

Principal Engineer Recruitment and Employee Spotlight

LAI Video partnered with Amazon on a recruitment campaign featuring the voices of Amazon's diverse community of Security Principal Engineers. Seven testimonials provide prospective Amazonians with a firsthand look at the careers and accomplishments of Amazon's top engineering talent. The series also includes a standalone video, “Black is Inspiring,” that focuses on building diverse communities at Amazon.

One Job Title, Seven unique stories

The people who become Principal Engineers at Amazon hold one of the top engineering positions at one of the world's most innovative brands. As you can imagine, candidates with the right blend of mentor and visionary are in extremely high demand. In each of these testimonials, LAI Video set out to create a candid, day-in-the-life look at seven Amazonians and capture their experiences leading projects that impact millions of people. In pre-production, we asked questions about Amazon’s recruiting campaign goals, ensuring that we positioned our spokespeople to reflect the company’s values of unfettered innovation and stimulating community.

Well-laid plans make engaging stories

As you might expect, Amazon's Principal Engineers have very full calendars. Once we identified a window of opportunity when all seven interviewees could be in one place, Chelsie laid out an intensive production schedule. Using photos provided by Amazon of potential filming locations, we created a shot list and identified our lighting needs for each setup. On-site, Chelsie and cinematographers Jun and Donovan were able to efficiently set up, conduct sit-down interviews, and stage work interactions in just two filming days. 

"Black is Inspiring" Sizzle

In addition to the Principal Engineer testimonials, Amazon selected two interviewees to share their personal experiences as Black leaders in the tech space. This standalone video takes the same cues from the testimonial format but provides a space for the interviewees to speak candidly about the culture of belonging they've found at Amazon. Branded with alternate graphics, we created a distinct, slice-of-life story that is both part of the greater testimonial series but also serves as its own standalone marketing for Black History Month and beyond.