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We Are WGR Spotlight

As a sponsor of Women in Government Relations, LAI Video was particularly excited to produce the first installment in a new series that highlights the incredible professionals working in Washington. Starting with Suzanne Swink, the “day in the life” episode is a case study in exercising branding restraint to obtain a greater emotional investment — and Suzanne’s story is just so good!

Raising the Right Voice

Embodying an organization or an industry with a single story can be difficult. When you eventually select a story, you are also simultaneously not selecting hundreds! But, if you play your cards right, that story can create a deeper connection with your viewer than any collection of talking-heads. For WGR, it meant temporarily removing the “We” in “We Are WGR” to share a single account of a woman driven to professional success by the support and inspiration of personal heroes. And during our pre-production phone calls, it was clear that Suzanne was up for the challenge. 

B-Roll for Days

Inspired by MOTRIN’s #WomanInProgress campaign, De’von, Phil and Tiffany captured beautiful, sun-saturated b-roll of Suzanne’s personal and professional life. The low-angle, slow-motion footage positions Suzanne as the power lobbyist that she is — a champion among what was previously an “all boys club.” Cat interviewed Suzanne, whose testimony remains completely off-camera. The candid remarks serve as narration, gracefully guiding the viewer through a montage of memorable visuals. De’von and Anthony’s cut emphasizes that success isn’t about a job or money — it’s about a feeling of empowerment and the ability to enrich the lives of others. And it’s that mantra that defines Women in Government.