Portfolio: Best Fit Job Match Campaign | LAI Video

Best Fit Job Match Campaign

LAI Video partnered with Amazon on its Best Fit Job Match campaign – an outreach initiative recruiting software engineers into the company’s new hiring platform. Testimonials give voice to employees that have landed their dream jobs. An explainer video introduces the program itself. And social content reaches seasoned engineers open to exciting possibilities.

Writing Code. Deploying Stories.

With todays competition for top talent, candidates are looking for more than just a job; they’re looking for careers that fit their personal preferences – in company culture, working styles, work-life balance, location, and more. Through Amazon’s Best Fit Job Match, applicants will be considered for hundreds of open Amazon positions that align with their preferences all through a single application. Whoa! As storytellers, we wanted to share the professional journeys of engineers at Amazons Seattle and Arlington headquarters who began extraordinary careers through this innovative “pathfinder.”

Finding the Right Voices

As one of three producers for the cross-country campaign, Chelsie conducted preliminary interviews to cast a diverse ensemble of spokespeople. From the mother and Girl Scout troop leader who helped to develop Indigenous at Amazon to the runner and pianist at the top of her career, we sought to highlight a diverse group of engineers building the future. Engineers about whom candidates would be excited to say, Hey, that could be my colleague!" or Wait a minute, that could be me!”

Shoot First, Edit Videos Later

Through intensive pre-production planning, we scheduled as many interviews as possible within a limited filming window, allowing us to determine the best starting stories for the campaign after principal filming. Leading our crews on each coast, producers Alexandria and Victoria orchestrated tight production schedules with eleven Amazonians. With each participant, we conducted candid, sit-down interviews, staged various work interactions, and followed our subjects home to capture their fulfilling lives outside of work.

A Format for Everyone

When not shadowing our subjects on and off campus, Favata and Jun were filming their testimonies, using intimate camera angles to foster a direct, emotional connection with prospective candidates. All content was recorded in 4K to accommodate a variety of video formats, including traditional wide-screen orientations for 15- and 30-second pre-roll ads and vertical stories for other mobile channels.

A Fitting Animation

Accompanying the story series, we developed a short animated overview of the Best Fit Match program itself. Justin drafted a script that emphasizes a very human process with real people connecting applicants to teams. Tiffany designed an aesthetic that uses geometric shapes and colors to represent teams and pathways with a glowing circle at the center of this journey. Debuting on the Best Fit Job Match landing page and in targeted ads, the animation ties the campaign together, gently reminding applicants that by finding the right role, they’ll begin to build the future – with Amazon, and for themselves.