Portfolio: A Case Study for Change | LAI Video

A Case Study for Change

In an alliance with drug-makers, CHPA launched an ambitious multi-faceted campaign to curb teen abuse of an ingredient found in over-the counter cough medicine — dextromethorphan (we’ll just call it DXM). We partnered with the organization to produce a pair of behind-the-scenes videos that overview CHPA’s bold leadership on this highly effective effort.

A Campaign About a Campaign

In the midst of the high-profile, multi-legged campaign, CHPA was starting to see the right results. They brought us in to not only tout the initiative’s successes, but also document the approach as its own case study for making change. First, we produced an overview video. After clearly outlining the problem, Justin structured the messaging around the campaign’s three pillars — product access, parental awareness and peer disapproval. The final three-minute video pulls together various media, including websites, apps, print ads and TV spots and calculates over 2 billion impressions!

An Industry of Action

When CHPA CEO Scott Melville was named Humanitarian of the Year by the Community Anti-Drug Coalition, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the DXM abuse campaign. Rather than spotlight Melville exclusively, Ellyn interviewed members of the CHPA leadership to emphasize that this challenge could only be matched with an ambitious group effort. Favata and Jun directed participants to interact with both the physical and digital assets of the campaign and captured sweeping time-lapse photography of the team working around the clock. Tiffany’s edit elegantly summarizes the successful undertaking that would not have been possible without steadfast leadership and a committed coalition.