Farm Credit Council Advocacy Video | LAI Video

Advocacy Video & PAC Explainer

Farm Credit Council (FCC) approached LAI Video with the goal of spotlighting their political advocacy efforts for customers and stakeholders. While their “Farm Credit” initiatives were widely known, they wanted to bring awareness to their “Farm Credit Mission” and how it extends to local, state, and federal representatives. In response, LAI Video’s team of animators crafted an engaging, informative, and branded explainer that clearly communicates FCC’s political investments to their audience. It strategically utilizes imagery and language designed for FCC’s target customers, connecting with their base and spreading the “Farm Credit Mission.”

Explaining Policy & The Political

To many voters, the political efforts of associations and other organizations are inaccessible, hidden behind complex funding laws and support structures. FCC wanted to change that. LAI Video’s animation and scriptwriting teams worked closely with FCC to craft a simple, yet effective narrative that peeled back the curtain on their political advocacy. The resulting political explainer breaks down FCC’s nationwide activism into a short, digestible video, helping customers understand how FCC always supports their best interest, even behind the political curtain. View more of our political and policy explainers here.

Speaking Directly to the Customer

FCC’s “Farm Credit Mission” works to support rural communities and agriculture of all kinds, meaning their audience holds a specific perspective and sense of value. In crafting our explainer, we leveraged graphics and language that resonate with FCC’s customer base, bringing the “Farm Credit Mission” closer to the people it serves. This is a key focus across all of our work with FCC, including our “One Mission, Many Voices” Campaign and Fly-In series.