Portfolio: RISE Up NRF Foundation | LAI Video


We were excited to elevate our partnership with the National Retail Federation and NRF Foundation on their latest campaign RISE Up. We helped roll out the new credentialing program, designing a slew of videos that remind retailers that the future of retail isn’t about the “what,” it’s about the “who.”

A Thematic Pitch

While we couldn’t tout success stories from RISE Up participants just yet, we could highlight the general themes of career diversity and job growth. With Justin’s sharp scripting and Jun’s montage-making art, we produced an overarching “Come Together” teaser that acknowledges career advancement sometimes needs a helping hand or a gentle nudge. The “Impact” video presents RISE Up as that helping hand — an industry banding together to help people acquire the skills needed to land jobs in retail and advance into promising careers.

In-the-Field Feel Good Stories

We produced a series of “story” videos to reiterate the feel-good message of professionals advancing because of retail’s warm embrace. Because of Home Depot’s support of its employees, Ro climbed from cashier to regional vice president. Lynn fell in love with retail at Tractor Supply, starting as part-time help and growing with the organization itself. And Adrijana learned valuable managerial skills (as well as English!) through her work as a sales associate at Macy’s. Tori, Favata and crew traveled to each of the five locations and directed walk-and-talk interviews as these personalities reminisced about their unexpected success. With the launch of RISE Up, the NRF Foundation is looking to dramatically increase stories like these.

The Nuts and Bolts

In addition to these campaign trailers, we also created an animated "About" video that details the new educational platform in… detail. Using Rob’s simple Little People character design, we walk viewers through a variety of RISE Up applications. With flexible in-classroom or online courses, participants will learn fundamental skills in sales, customer service, interviewing and so much more. The animation is not only directed at prospective students, but also the retailers, non-profits and schools that encourage others to RISE Up.

A BIG Rollout

The series of nine videos debuted at NRF’s BIG Show — the premier annual convention for retail. With the eyes of an industry watching, big brand executives announced the RISE Up program during a special panel discussion. The videos played repeatedly during the three-day event before keynote sessions and throughout the Javits Center. Attendees themselves were invited to join this movement and make retail a place for top talent and meaningful work.