Portfolio: Unveiling oLabs| LAI Video

Unveiling oLabs

We partnered with Octo Consulting Group on a series of videos promoting the launch of oLabs, the company’s cutting-edge R&D facility. Blending gorgeous cinematography with polished interviews, the series teases an extraordinary transformation that epitomizes oLabs’ ethos of pushing boundaries in the pursuit of innovation.

Teasing a Transformation

Octo launched oLabs with the vision of creating the premier destination for government tech innovation. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the facility offers a unique environment where federal partners can work side-by-side with subject matter experts to conceive, model, and evaluate new approaches for solving complex challenges. With the facility itself still under development, Octo saw an opportunity to ramp up excitement among partners. Susy, Favata, Sarah, and Loizou, pitched an extensive filming schedule that would allow our team to capture some of the spaces’ most striking visuals throughout construction.

Capturing Time and Space

Teasing a state-of-the-art facility with some of the coolest tech in town demanded the use of our own equally specialized tools. Jun and Donovan used a probe lens to  magnify unplugged wires and server racks into an almost alien wonderland. Camera sliders followed seemingly endless corridors of piping and debris and GoPro cameras captured Breaking Bad-inspired POV shots to give significance to the smallest of details of the build out. And time-lapsed footage of the surrounding landscape hints at the drastic transformation occurring int the seemingly modest Virginia suburb. The shots fueled three teaser videos set to Inception-style “bwong,” which also included soundbites from yet-to-be-seen featurette.

Not Your Grandfather’s Government Contractor

As the A.I. facility neared completion, it became important to anchor the marketing of oLabs with a more thoughtful, human message. On a final day of filming, we sat down with key figures behind oLabs, who candidly described the need to build this unique environment and the value it offers federal partners. Our team directed a final sequence with Octo leadership, engineers, and clients walking through and interacting with the nearly-finished interiors. This balance of form and function – of place and people – emphasized oLabs ethos that innovation will only truly be achieved with collaboration and constant experimentation (and a little bit of fun, too).

Come In and Play

The final featurette dropped at the grand opening ceremony with special remarks from Senator Mark Warner. The video currently anchors oLabs new website, which highlights the shop’s unique approach to “playtime.” The video, which has been recognized for best video design, anchors oLab’s new website and highlighting the shop’s unique approach to “playtime.”