Blog: 4 New Years Resolutions for Video

4 New Years Resolutions for Upgrading Events with Video

LAI Video New Years Resolutions

With a new year comes new resolutions and pledges not to fall back into bad habits. And just as you look to make or break new personal promises, we also ask that you consider these four resolutions for keeping your meetings in shape with a better, smarter video strategy.

#1 We will NOT introduce speakers with generic talking points.

Skip the lengthy remarks from the podium in lieu of a series of eye-popping, foot-tapping mini-videos videos that will bring your speakers to the stage with style and swagger. 

Check out the intro videos that we produced for boxing champion Laila Ali and others for Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas

#2 We will NOT overinvest in screens and underinvest in content.

A notable trend in stage design is utlizing large displays instead of traditional, physical set pieces. But the biggest, best screens are only as good as the content you put on them. 

For the International Franchise Associations' Annual Convention, we developed powerful visuals that filled a custom, curved, edge-blendset, becoming the defining signature backdrop that could energize crowds and honor awardees: 

#3 We will NOT torture our audiences with boring awards.

Face it. With honoree introductions, thank-you speeches and the in-between transition acts, award shows can be a feat of patience. It doesn't have to be.

For CEO Update's sixth annual Association Leadership Awards, we made thoughtful tributes that did right by the honored executives, offering touching storties and lasting insights: 

#4 We will NOT have an amazing event and forget to document it.

Today, nothing is official without the official video recap. 

Our sister-company, LAI Live, produced Girls Tech Days, a series of events for Amazon Web Services. But you would never know about these incredible, open and free opportunities if it wasn't for our video:



Stick to these tips, and I think 2020 is going to be alright. At least for meetings.

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