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How Animation Helps Healthcare Providers


With rising healthcare costs, increasing demands on health care providers, and shifting demographics, there’s never been more pressure on the industry to improve patient communication and education.

Preventative behavior, pharmaceutical interactions, new procedure options—how do you tackle the important topics that can be challenging to explain while engaging your audience long enough to achieve understanding?

Two words: video animation. Yes! We are actually talking about cartoons. Maybe. The versatility of animation means that it can be as playful or as practical as you’d like and deliver your message without the production constraints of real life. (Need to see inside the blood stream? No problem.)  

Remember how those School-House-Rock videos taught you how a bill became a law? Or the role of conjunctions in a sentence? Animation can be used just as effectively to raise awareness on general issues or introduce specific processes or changes in behavior for patient groups.

If you are involved with education, research, fundraising or insurance, use video animation to clearly and concisely explain concepts that otherwise feel abstract or hidden from view, with great results.

Here are a few examples:



To explain the details and causes of hypertension, we paired the candid conversations of an ensemble of medical experts with highly illustrative animation that emphasizes specific facts and figures. We directed participants to be as metaphorical as possible, setting up our animators with fanciful renderings of fire hydrants and saber-toothed tigers—to be both medically accurate and memorable.



This animated video speaks directly to customers and about a new database for vetting any doctor’s specialty, credentials and sanctions. With colorful characters, shapes and textures, we explore the user interface, demonstrating the website’s ease of use for anyone who ever wanted to know more about their doctor.

Animation is an amazing marketing tool for getting your message across in a way that’s engaging and compelling. Plus, it can show off the funny, light-hearted side of your brand. For instance, Truth (the anti-tobacco campaign) released this oddball animated PSA to prove a point about… butts.


If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level through animated videos, get in touch with a member of our team! We’re happy to help you brainstorm some ideas to make your brand truly stand out from the crowd.


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