Creating Awareness

The 4 Videos You Need To Create Awareness
Today’s online marketplace is, in a word, crowded. This makes it easy for messages to get smothered and makes brand-building all the more critical. Word-of-mouth (or phone-to-phone) marketing—when done right—is the most effective way to generate awareness and influence. So what’s the most memorable vehicle to release your message? A series of short, emotional videos. Don’t just tap into the power of social media. Harness it to reach a much larger audience.

If your goal is to build awareness during your next campaign, consider these types of videos:

Identity Video

Communicate the essence of your brand. Let potential customers know what makes your organization unique. What do you stand for?

Example Project: We helped the National Industries for the Blind define their mission through the people who make up a talented work force.

Why It Works: We defined and communicated NIB’s mission by not only presenting hard facts on the issue, but also positioning NIB and its network of associated agencies as part of the solution. The video humanizes NIB’s brand and demonstrates personality.

LAI Video Advantage: You want your identity video to stand out and showcase what makes you, you. Our team takes the time to get to know your culture and big ideas so we can make a video that highlights the best of your organization.

Sizzle Video

How do you capture short attention spans amongst hordes of media vying for viewers? A short (20 second or less) sizzle video. Designed for the passive “scroller,” a highly-visual sizzle will pique interest in your brand or organization. Include it on social media, your website, and email messaging to drive traffic and move the needle.

Example Project: On behalf of the National Retail Federation, we delivered two concise, positive messages for TV.

Why It Works: With creative, energetic interviews, this video quickly highlights a characteristic value of the National Retail Federation and leaves its audience curious to learn more. It effectively showcases real-life benefits of the NRF while celebrating its members.

LAI Video Advantage: Oftentimes, an organization’s purpose and value seem too complex to be depicted in a short video. Our expert story writers at LAI have a lot of experience doing exactly that. We weave together the key points to craft a single, compelling message.

User-Generated Video

People respond to authentic messaging. Brands that keep it real and build trust. Brands that are human. By capitalizing on clips sourced from actual customers, you solidify brand trust and customer loyalty. 

Example Project: Using video footage taken and submitted by students, we helped promote DC Public Schools’ ambitious Study Abroad Program.

Why It Works: The viewer knows it’s real. This initiative isn’t an abstract idea—it’s here, and it’s happening. By showing products and clients in action, a user-generated video demonstrates authenticity and builds brand trust.

LAI Video Advantage: With increased sourcing comes heavier editing. User-generated videos are quite time-consuming and difficult to pull-off. Fortunately, our editing wizards have a few tricks up their sleeves. And, we enjoy puzzling together a message or story.

Spotlight Video

Put the focus on an individual who embodies your mission or specifically benefits from your product or service. Statistics are great, but stories elicit emotion and create memorable connections.  

Example Project: In spotlighting Goose Point Oysters for the Farm Credit Council, we depicted a family-run business whose technological advancements were made possible through financing by their local farm credit partners.

Why It Works: The video gives a first-hand account of how Farm Credit Council members help their community. The piece demonstrates the human, emotional connection between FCC members and the people they serve.

LAI Video Advantage: Striving for that perfect candid, in-action footage? We have you covered. Plus, we capitalize on our time with you to get footage that creates emotion and sparks a reaction.

Create Awareness For Your Next Project!
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