Industry Spotlight: Education Video Campaigns

by Sarah Wides
Industry Spotlight: Education Industry

At LAI Video, one of our favorite spaces to work in is education. What’s not to like?

The visuals are always rich and the stories are always inspiring, whether we’re filming with cute younger children just learning to read for the first time, teenagers in awe as they take in a new life experience, or adult learners acquiring a new skill that will help them advance their career and possibly help them to land a career-defining job.

The school (or school system) of 2018 is responsible for satisfying many stakeholders at once: Parents and students, of course, but also teachers and staff, elected officials, non-profits, or other third party organizations that may operate on campus, private corporations that can offer additional funding, and last but never least—the entire taxpayer community.

We have no doubt that video is the best approach not just to inform all these diverse audiences of a new educational initiative or multi-year plan, the way a press release or blog post might, but to engage with them, to let them step inside the doors of a school without leaving their seat. To allow them the rare opportunity to see and hear a student brimming with excitement over a new piece of lab equipment, to let them watch a portion of a teacher’s exhausting, fulfilling afternoon filled with back-to-back classes. And to tell them: “Here’s what we’re accomplishing, little-by-little, every single day. Won’t you be a part of it?” 

Make Global Local

We worked with the DC Public Education Fund, a non-profit organization that raises capital in support of DC Public Schools (DCPS), to spread the word about an innovative study abroad program that aimed to send hundreds of DCPS students on fully-funded trips all across the globe. With just one video, we accomplished three key objectives: We enticed students (many of whom had never left the Washington, DC area in their lives) to apply for this study abroad program, explained how it worked to parents, and attracted the attention of potential donors which helped them to raise more funds to further drive the program's success.

On Our Way Up

Thanks to a $20 million investment from local government, Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College was able to open a brand-spanking-new building to house their culinary arts and hospitality programs, complete with restaurant-scale kitchens, an event space, and grillmaster classes. How best to show off the new facility and get prospective students dreaming about pursuing a career in beverage management? A new, snazzy video that raises the school’s profile, builds awareness for the program, and tells a moving story of limitless potential.

New Markets Tax Credit - NOCCA

For several years, we’ve partnered with the accounting firm, CohnReznick, to create video case studies highlighting projects that are the recipients of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC)—an incentive program that brings investors to distressed communities. The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NMTC), one of the nation’s premiere arts high schools, was a recipient of the NMTC program more than a decade after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans. While this was technically a video created for CohnReznick, it’s also a great publicity piece and love-letter to NOCCA—a place where teenagers come to learn a craft and realize a dream.

Standing Ovation

You want uplifting? You want poignant? You want happy tears? The LAI Video team can do that.

Since 2010, DC Public Schools (DCPS) has been taking one special evening each year to honor the too-often unsung efforts of the very best teachers and school support staff—which they call Standing Ovation. In addition to hosting this annual recognition ceremony, each of the major honorees was also featured in their own video, so we’re not only hearing about these incredible individuals in speeches given during the big ceremony night, but we’re really seeing how much these people are loved, valued, and needed by their school communities. The videos serve as great publicity for DCPS and its dedicated employees, in addition to being wonderful keepsakes for the winners to take home with them following the tribute event night. 

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