Industry Spotlight: Non-Profit Video Campaigns

by Adam Katz

To “do good” or to “do well”—it’s a question that so many consider as they begin their careers. While these ideas are not exclusive of one another, non-profit organizations are by definition motivated by factors other than profit. But to “do well” at doing good—to raise donations, increase awareness, or garner support for a cause—non-profits need to be able to share a powerful message.

Through video, our team enables non-profits to spread the power of an idea—and in doing so, create a better world.

Here's a few examples of how the LAI Video team has partnered with various non-profit organizations to create effective video marketing campaigns in an effort to share their industry message and connect with their target audience on a deeper and more meaningful level while simaltaneously working to make the world a better place for their communities.


When LAI Video partnered with Share Our Strength on its No Kid Hungry initiative, we travelled across the country making various stops along the way to urge Americans to rethink the term “hangry” and get mad about hunger. Meeting and filming with a select 20 of the 11,000 participating restaurants, our team encouraged local communities to unleash their hanger on film and record a testimonial video in front of the campaign’s signature yellow school bus.

As we launched these testimonial videos onto a campaign microsite and produced a barrage of #hangry restaurant spotlight videos, our team reminded communities that when enough people get together with a shared mission and combine their effort and energy to try to accomplish a very lofty and far-fetching goalsuch as ending something as pervasive and prevalent as childhood hunger in the USbecomes a little bit more possible.


LAI Video joined forces with Bright Beginnings to leverage a local legend and national celebrity—five-time NBA All-Star John Wall—as the face for their new campaign. Aiming to highlight John Wall’s superstardom while also emphasizing his relatability, our team chose to incorporate John’s outtakes, flubs, and gaffes during the video editing process.

In doing so, we were able to embody John's natural off-camera charisma within the videos, making for a memorable and relatable message—one that chooses celebration over a lecture.


LAI Video worked with Boy Scouts of America, National Capitol Area Council, to honor its next generation of leaders. Using the popular "day in the life" format, our team captured the stories of the Cantos family and Justice Boston in a series of videos, showcasing how the Scouts’ emphasis on service has helped them overcome adversity.

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