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A Teachable Moment Named the “Best Documentary About Chronic Illness”

A Teachable Moment Named the “Best Documentary About Chronic Illness” Blog Cover

To say the LAI Video team was surprised when our feature-length documentary, A Teachable Moment, topped Screen Rant’s list of “Best Documentaries About Chronic Illness” would be an understatement.

When we set out to produce A Teachable Moment in 2018, our mission was to chronicle the inspiring stories of four stroke survivors, including our founder, Mark French. We hoped to bring awareness to the challenges they faced on the grueling road to recovery and beyond, as well as preventative lifestyle measures to minimize the chances of others going through those same experiences. We’re undoubtedly honored to not only be included but featured as number one in a list of powerful documentaries that Screen Rant describes at “amazing” and “educating viewers and breaking stigmas.”

A Teachable Moment is available to stream for free on YouTube.

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