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Why Trade Shows Make For Great Event Videos


Trade shows are like arenas. You’re vying for the attention of dozens of attendees, yet competing with not only the booths around you but also the noise of the crowds. Add the fact that you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, and you have quite the challenge on your hands! 


Event videos, however, are becoming the new champion of trade shows. In fact, trade shows are becoming one of the best events for video, courtesy of their unique advantages both during and after your event. 

Here are five reasons why trade shows are the best events for video:

    1. They're Attention-Grabbing
      At a trade show, there’s plenty for visitors to see and do—that’s why they’re always on the move. Trying to make an impression on them within five seconds is a steep order, yet a vibrant and punchy bumper video on your booth’s screens can get them interested enough to stop in and chat about your product or services. And that gives you the opportunity to make a connection and a sale.
    2. They're Noise-Cancelling
      With dozens of conversations going at once, it’s a challenge to lead-in to your company’s offerings without asking, “What did you say?” at least once. Event videos for trade shows do all the talking for you with easy-to-read text, product overviews, and stunning shots of your service or product. You can even set the tone by adding a toe-tapping soundtrack to get people dancing at your booth!
    3. They're Engaging
      All video ideas for trade shows focus on engaging attendees—and they can do it with the right style, techniques, storytellers, and video communications company. Glue attendees—as well as people at home—to their screens with not only professional, to-the-point bumper and product videos, but also live videos cataloging your attendance.clients-on-tradeshow-floor
    4. They're Effective
      When you have A-plus videos for your trade show, you can trust they’ll make some noise. By delving into your products and their features, while broadcasting from a screen that’s visible from across the aisle or the room, you’re engaging with more people than before and encouraging them to step into your booth and hear what you and your team have to say.
    5. They're Reusable
      Our favorite reason for why trade shows are the best events for video? Because their content is recyclable. Go ahead and add that product video to your social media pages and reap the shares, likes, and retweets. Or, incorporate it into your upcoming newsletter or follow-up emails to the prospects you met during your trade show bonanza. You can even celebrate with a compilation of clips taken during the show.


Ready to see firsthand why trade shows make for great videos? Pair up with our award-winning team of nerds at LAI Video. We’ll not only come up with thoughtful and creative trade show video ideas that match your company’s goals, but also handle the development, production, and editing of your videos from start to finish.

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