Portfolio: Girls' Tech Day | LAI Video

Girls' Tech Day - International


The future is female! It’s also filled with innovation and advances in technology and the folks at LAI Video are here for it. We teamed up with our friends at LAI Live to partner with Amazon Web Services to present Girls Tech Day – a series of events to inspire and engage with the next generation of power players in STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Who Runs The World? Girls!

There was plenty of learning to go around and we even got a chance to try new things ourselves! Tiffany and Alexandria, our very own girls in tech, put their heads together to teach a group of high school students all about the world of video production. The girls learned how to formulate interview questions, frame the shot, step in front of the camera, and…roll sound! Some of the student-filmed footage even made it into the videos that LAI Video created to highlight the events.

Real-Time Content Curation

That’s right, we didn’t just lead a class. We made some videos too – showcasing the need for STEAM programming for girls, the success it can have each year, and how it can keep growing. It was a big undertaking, but LAI was determined to support AWS in making this a day to remember. Each city had a jam-packed schedule filled with panel discussions, coding activities, building robots, and more. The girls got to share with us why they love technology, what gets them excited about learning, and what they want to do when they grow up. And after interviewing them, we know that these girls are getting ready to change the world. THE WORLD! 

Video Shoots Across The Globe

Girls Tech Day wasn’t just in the US, it was worldwide – in Dublin, Vasteras, Cape Town, and Sydney. And this is just the start. With hopes to expand, our biggest challenge was to show the reach of GTD in one cohesive video to encourage others to get involved. So, we turned to… technology! For each city that we were unable to be on site, we coordinated the transfer of participant-generated footage back to DC and tracked social media posts. Afterall, collaboration is key when you’re talking global takeover.