Portfolio: Real News for Real Americans | LAI Video

Real News for Real Americans

In the wake of a war on media, traditional news outlets like The Washington Times are looking to both remind consumers of its reputable legacy, while embracing more accessible social channels and formats. We partnered with the daily newspaper to help define their new slogan “Real News for Real Americans” and show that members of “the media” and the general public all want the same thing.

Defining a Catchphrase

Designed as the first of many social blasts, we proposed a series of videos that would position The Washington Times as a smart, hardworking team of reporters creating content for a smart, hardworking group of readers. Our own crack team of reporters — Cat, Phil and Jun — took to the streets of DC to ask Washingtonians about their perspectives on journalistic integrity. Similarly, we visited The Times to get a very candid, behind-the-scenes take of the paper’s headquarters. Whether it was a young reporter right out of college, a seasoned journalist, the graphics guy or even members of the accounting department, we wanted to show that the entire Times staff felt a humbling sense of duty to deliver well-researched and unbiased information. As Americans and for Americans.

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Senior Editor and Colorist Anthony Jacoway embraced a beautiful black and white treatment to emphasize The Times’ very objective methodology. We decided to drop in “pops” of color to highlight the paper’s signature crimson and create a cohesive palette for the series of videos. From the various shoots, we created a flagship identity video, as well as five teasers that focus on speciality topics. The series launched on Facebook and plays at special events to declare a bright new chapter for The Washington Times.