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Therapy Simulation Promotional Video

We partnered with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) to produce a promotional video for its new therapy simulation training program. For an industry dependent on intimate, interpersonal relationships, it was important to show how avatars and virtual reality can improve the quality of marriage and family therapy and advance an industry into new and unexpected possibilities.

Virtual Training Technology

As AAMFT looked to register therapists for a demo of its new pilot program, they knew there would be questions about the technology. Traditionally created or recreated with clients, the training simulations would replace in-person interactions with virtual ones. But how?

Is this artificial intelligence? Robots? Mind control?? We devised a video concept that would not only address these concerns, but also show the virtual program in action. In real life.

Using Animated Avatars in Video

Flying to Cal State’s Northridge campus, Ellyn interviewed Dr. Diane Gehart, who enthusiastically described the simulation as creating a safe place for learning. While the subjects were represented as high-end, animated avatars, the performances were real.

Removing the immediate in-person needs and potential client liability places a newfound focus on the subject matter and students’ choices. Anthony and Jun recorded the on-screen patients just as they would human participants, with an eye-line match that emphasizes a rich and lively learning experience.

The Final Training Video

The final video not only advertises the pilot as a convenient way to hone advanced systematic therapy skills, but also positions AAMFT as being on the forefront of new educational technology. AAFMT’s CEO, Dr. Tracy Todd, proclaims the virtual program to be the next “iteration of innovation” and a rallying cry for the marriage and family therapy industry to broaden its use of new technologies.


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