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A Video Case Study on Mobile Health

In what is our most remote project to-date, LAI Video traveled far and wide with the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation to spotlight its pilot for a mobile health initiative. Arriving at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, we befriended the local community before making a moving video that highlights the program’s success—adding a much needed human touch for an industry not known to be overtly emotional.

Oral Health Care Video Case Study

Propelled by its mission, the DTA Foundation funds innovative solutions to increase access to oral health care for those in need. To tout the successes of these projects and inspire continued support from donors, Niles worked with the Foundation to develop a video case study that offered more than just lip service—it would make viewers smile.

The DTA Foundation selected McMillen Health’s outreach with the Tribal Head Start children and families as the video’s featured program, showing that oral health care is just as needed in parts of the United States as it is globally.

High-End Video Storytelling

Ellyn, Jun, and De’von journeyed to a reservation that rarely encounters outsiders, let alone a video crew equipped with the latest high-end storytelling and drone technology. Jun and De’von captured the beauty and isolation of the community with breathtaking aerial photography and intimate slow-motion action. Ellyn interviewed Vanessa Kills in Water, a teacher who established the dire state of the students’ health care, with many beginning school with missing top teeth.

Collectively, the crew befriended the town’s children in a short period of time, making them comfortable on camera. As De’von noted, “You can’t film immediately. You need to build a relationship. Talk about something they love to talk about. You need to be relatable.”

Industry Awareness Through Video

The case study emphasizes the strength of the pilot program within the Lakota people’s culture, producing a fascinating story for an industry too often represented by a dentist’s chair. This spotlight serves as one of the many feel-good chapters of the DTA Foundation’s mission to broaden awareness and access to oral health care and bring a smile to their funders for making a difference.


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