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Video Marketing Campaigns

Why should you work with our video agency? Whether you are focused on a long-term strategy or a right-now issue, our multi-layered approach to communication helps you get your message heard in today’s crowded marketplace. Here are just eight kinds of campaigns we’ve worked on with our clients, but we’ve got experience with lots more on video marketing for businesses.

Creating Awareness

Today’s online marketplace is, in a word, crowded. This makes it easy for messages to get smothered and makes brand-building all the more critical. Word-of-mouth (or phone-to-phone) marketing—when done right—is the most effective way to generate awareness and influence. So what’s the most memorable vehicle to release your message? A series of short, emotional videos. Don’t just tap into the power of social media. Harness it to reach a much larger audience.

Promoting a New Initiative

If launching a new campaign or promoting a company-wide change is a priority, video will help you achieve it. Present your audience with a series of creative videos that are easily shareable and fun to watch. And if they’re public, they’ll not only reach a wider audience, but also improve SEO rankings and maintain the interest of potential customers.

Promoting A Product

Got an amazing new thing that everyone needs? Something you just have to see to believe? If you’re ready to launch a new product, re-launch a great product in need of attention, or demo how to use a product, this campaign will maximize the success of any (or all) of the above.

Redesigning A Website

Redesigning a website is no easy task. Between focusing on the user experience and SEO implications, it’s a huge undertaking. Today, more than ever, videos are a must-include item! Face it, videos constitute our preferred method of content consumption. Not to mention, Google loves them. By including the following types of videos, your website will be more than just re-done—it’ll be completely revamped.

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As a powerful storytelling medium, video is effective in evoking emotional responses and raising awareness about an issue. Touch your viewers in a way that compels them to act by depicting your organization’s motivations, initiatives, and goals.

Recruiting Talent

What is it like to work at your company or in your industry? What does your profession actually do? Is recruiting good candidates difficult? Are you trying to attract new generations or demographics to your line of work? Help the talent pool understand what you do and imagine themselves in that role. Talk about the company culture, personal responsibilities, and work-life balance. Video provides potential candidates more certainty as to whether or not your company, your industry, and your profession is a good fit for them.

Setting A Mood/Event Experience

Your big event. The one every key stakeholder will attend. The only time of the year where you’ll have everyone together in one room. It’s the opportunity to showcase your industry or business to a large audience. But how do you set the mood and establish personal connections with such a big group? Video. Not just a single piece. Think about it like a drip campaign that starts before the event to tease the experience, carries the audience on an emotional ride through the event, and finally reminds them of everything they learned.

Rebranding Your Company

There comes a time in every organization, program or event’s life when it needs to grow up. Change with the times. Evolve. Video communications can be a powerful tool to help tease, launch or explain your latest rebranding effort.

And if you're thinking of creating a multi-platform video campaign or simply want some matching digital assets to help tie your new video into your online brand, check out these additional campaign support services we offer to suit a wide variety of use-cases and budgets. Learn more about using video to power every part of your business.

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