Portfolio: Drive Aluminum: Carbon Footprint | LAI Video

Drive Aluminum

This strong but light-hearted video series for the Aluminum Association and its Aluminum Transportation Group (ATG) bolsters the Drive Aluminum campaign -- an initiative dedicated to debunking myths and informing policy-makers about using aluminum in cars.

Who's Your Spokesperson?

Inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy and the excellent CrashCourse educational videos, we pitched an Ask the Experts-type series to speak plainly to viewers. After exploring several options, we landed on a trusted, real-life astronaut to serve as the face of this campaign. Dan Tani was more than willing to speak on behalf of a metal that he's always trusted (in space!).

Not Your Grandfather's Aluminum

Justin scripted a series of four videos that emphasizes aluminum's strength, safety, fuel efficiency and [lack of] carbon emissions. While the science was on our side, we didn't underestimate the "debunking" job ahead of us; combating the notion that aluminum is only good for wrapping sandwiches and making hats [for crazy people]. 

Dressed for Success

Favata directed Dan during an ambitious day-long shoot, LAI Video broke set-dressing records to transform the Aluminum Association's Crystal City headquarters into a colorful, but timeless laboratory environment. We positioned the dry erase board as key interactive component -- something Dan and lab assistant Justin referenced throughout the shoot and playfully enhanced with composite animation by Rob. Alexandria pre-produced and produced the day-of shoot, while Ellyn oversaw the complex post-production. 

A Campaign As Resilient As Aluminum Itself

The videos nicely embedded within a redesigned microsite, complete with custom graphics and GIFs that came from an additional photo shoot with a very cooperative Dan Tani. While steel remains king, the series looks to make a dent with inside-the-Beltway crowds and the auto-manufacturing market.