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Virtual Solutions

Marketing Through Pandemics, Cancellations, & Uncertainty

As unprecedented circumstances arise, it’s important to have effective virtual communication solutions to ensure your marketing messages are delivered – even when social distancing.

At LAI Video, even when our cinematographers are grounded, we’re happy to offer a number of other services to help reinforce your short term needs or reassess your long term goals.


Whether we are crowdsourcing content or creating fully-animated scenes from scratch, we script and produce “explainer” videos to help make sense of specific topics or define comprehensive online learning courses. With limited travel and studio availability, we’ll record Skype interviews with your subject matter experts from the comfort of everyone’s homes. 

Internal Comms

With cancelled meetings and closed offices, organizations may be missing crucial opportunities to talk to employees, membership or other stakeholders. Consider scripted, video messaging that features organization leadership delivering authentic but well-produced updates, as we do with quarterly updates and annual presentations.


In these times of uncertainty, it’s often hard to decipher between fake news, real news, and all the news in between. That’s why it’s more important than ever to tackle misinformation head on. We partner with organizations to release informative, educational and myth-busting content through grounded, well-produced videos that can even be entertaining

Virtual Meeting Clean Up

As marketers are turning to DIY solutions, we offer professional post-production services in the form of editing, animation, podcasts, graphic design, presentation design, meme design — you name it! Whether it’s continuity graphics for a virtual meeting or making sense of a grab-bag of user submitted assets and phone recordings, we can help fill in the gaps of any marketing effort. 

The Web Anthem

Are you looking to build excitement around your next initiative or new product? We can help you produce a scripted, rousing "rally cry" created from an ensemble of your industry’s greatest influencers and leaders— all from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes!

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During these hard times, we may be separated, but we’re far from alone. If you have an idea, an ask, a favor — contact us. 

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