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Industry Spotlight: Technology Video Campaigns


The tech industry evolves rapidly. Innovations can replace older technologies as quickly as we write this post. Seeking to create the “next big thing,” companies rush to remain ahead of the curve.

If there’s one constant within this industry, it’s that the need to speak about technical subjects in an accessible manner will always be critical. Sometimes, this requires spokespeople who can pitch an idea in a relatable way. At other times, it requires animation to simplify complex concepts. And frequently, it requires an engaging “how-to” explainer videos or product demo videos, whether from the perspectives of tech professionals or even regular consumers.

Keep reading to see how we've helped our technology clients to tell their stories through engaging video production campaigns for the technology industry.

product promotional videos

jedburgh technology | Testimonial approach

Virtual reality is all the rage, and innovative uses of the technology are regular making headlines. So when Jedburgh Technology sought to promote its VR-based language software, we jumped at the opportunity. Capturing the experience of military linguists who are testing the product, our promotional video conveys what makes the software a mission-critical tool.

cvent | mixed-media animation

LAI Video partnered with tech firm, Cvent, to promote their brand and impressive suite of applications. Through custom design, motion graphics, and scripting, we produced videos that illustrate the apps’ impressive capabilities while highlighting how the company is an innovator in the global meetings space.

Federation of State Medical Boards | Full Animation

The Federation of State Medical Boards worked with us to promotes Provider Bridge, a new tool for streamlining the mobilization of health care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic and future public health emergencies. Using deft motion design and fully animated character scenes, we created a video that defines the tool and illustrates its ease-of-use in an equally accessible viewing experience.

The Institute for Workplace Equality | Behind-the-Scenes & Animation

LAI Video was thrilled to partner with the Institute for Workplace Equality on a promotional video for its new Pay Equity Index. Giving voice to a chorus of subject matter experts, the video leverages news articles and animation to reinforce the importance of pay equity in the workplace and the benefits of the new tool. Dynamic b-roll highlights the tool’s functionality and the team behind its launch, inspiring confidence that the Institute has developed a best-in-class solution.

fireside 21 | behind the scenes approach

Our team worked with Fireside21 to pitch the firm’s cutting-edge CRM platform to newly-elected Congressmen and their staff. Featuring team members speaking in their own office, in their own words, the video shows a very practical approach—a method that’s not engineered by a large tech company, but informed by the experiences of coders who used to be staffers themselves.

technology explainer videos

information technology industrial council | animation

Encryption? The Internet of Things? Global Value Chain? Seeking to engage with global leaders, policy-makers and the general public on pressing issues, the Information Technology Industry Council sought to produce a video series to “decode” some of the industry's most intricate topics.

Through motion graphic animation complemented by a subtle sound design, our team engineered a unique visual language that was easily understandable, even for parties not privy to the latest jargon.

Social Impact

Amazon Web Services | Social Impact Events

The future is female! It’s also filled with innovation and advances in technology and the folks at LAI Video are here for it. We teamed up with our friends at LAI Live to partner with Amazon Web Services to present Girls Tech Day – a series of events to inspire and engage with the next generation of power players in STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

ncta foundation | corporate social responsibility (CSR)

LAI Video was excited to work with the Internet & Television Association and the NCTA Foundation to highlight its inspirational partnerships with local non-profits. We created a capstone video and a series of vignettes that spotlight the incredible work of these organizations, driving home that NCTA and its members are socially responsible.


Technology Industry Spotlight


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